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A business meeting

Private Business

If you are an entrepreneur, family business, or fast-growing company, we work alongside you to navigate challenges, connect you to opportunities and guide you toward success at every stage of your business lifecycle. As your trusted advisors you will gain access to our advisory, accounting and tax teams.
Coworking Space

Starting your business

From establishing your operations and raising capital, expansion and complying with regulatory requirements, we are here to help you. If you are in New Zealand or based overseas with the intention of setting up your business here, we can assist you with the basics and get you started on the right track from accounting and tax services to business strategy.

Growing your business

In order to grow sustainably and ethically, your businesses must consider all market opportunities including, seeking out complementary businesses for acquisition, potentially divesting non-core businesses, outsourcing functions and expanding into the emerging markets. We have been there and done that, so our advice stems from real-life experience.

Online Family Entertainment

Family businesses

We understand that the nature of a family business is inherently different from a nonfamily business and requires an approach that considers the family component. Our family business services includes succession planning, governance structures, wealth management, exit strategies and how to exploit growth opportunities.

Improve your business

In today’s fast-paced economy, it’s all about driving peak performance. We are dedicated to helping you lower your risks, strengthen your operations and create an effective plan of action. We are committed to helping you get there. Our services range from cash and working capital management, tax risk advisory, governance and business strategy services.

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Protect your wealth

After working hard for so many years to build your business and make it a success you have to look to the future. As you look to the future, you want your business to remain in good hands and at the same time, you want to maintain your personal wealth and pass it on to future generations.

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