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Our people and workforce services team can help you effectively harness your people agenda as part of your business strategy. This often translates into competitive advantage by helping you get the right people, with the right capabilities, in the right place, for the right cost, doing the right things.


Immigration Services

We are experienced in assisting clients from a wide range of backgrounds and have assisted workers, students and businesses navigate successfully the compliance processes with Immigration New Zealand. 

•    Guidance through compliance processes.

Settle and live in New Zealand

For those migrant workers who are settled in New Zealand and see themselves as future permanent residents, our People and Workforce team can support them to evaluate the eligibility requirements to apply for a residence visa.

Work temporarily in New Zealand

Getting people from overseas is often problematic for business owners who do not understand the complexities of immigration and taxation laws that apply to overseas workers. Our team are able to help you navigate through the process of getting people from overseas settled in New Zealand successfully.

Labour Market Testing

Labour market testing becoming specialised and integral in getting a mix of talent to deliver on the business strategy. 

• Recruit talent.
• Retain talent.

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