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Our education and training advisory service professionals are focused in facilitating access to high quality training and leadership development programmes in New Zealand for individuals who want to become better leaders in a personal, community and professional context.


Study English in New Zealand

For decades, students have been attending educational institutions in New Zealand to study English often seen as fun and exciting ways to continue the pursuits of higher education and professional development. English language studies overseas is about fun but it also entails having hand-on learning experiences in a new country and its culture.

Graduate Studies

The New Zealand educational system has been recognised in recent years as one of the most advanced in the world. The core tenets of this system is the teaching model adopted at all levels through a specific teaching curriculum. This is why graduate students from across the world have decided to engage in further graduate studies in New Zealand.

Teacher Training

Get to know the education model in New Zealand with an internship to learn new techniques in teaching. Our services include advising and facilitating training programmes for overseas teachers who work at primary and intermediate school level. The experience includes attending a cultural experience in Te Reo Maori.

Industry Training

Our industry training services focuses in advising seasoned professionals and organisations looking for the latest industry training methods to help them get an edge or keep up with regulatory industry compliance. We offer services in the teacher training and construction training industries focused in quality short term training courses in New Zealand.

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