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We understand the importance of the charitable sector and its contribution to the social fabric and welfare of New Zealand. This is why we are committed to guiding charities to deliver their goods and services to the highest level making a positive long lasting impact in our society.


Starting your charity

Staring a charity begins with a charitable purpose. Supported by the governance documents, systems and practices set up to operate, it is important that you understand the regulations that apply to charities in New Zealand to ensure you pursue the charitable objectives effectively and transparently considering all relevant stakeholders and laws.

Governance and strategy

The importance of governance within a charity is great in the context of its charitable purpose, the management of resources to maximise the social impact and resolving disputes as they arise. The committee members must have a sound understanding of governance principles to best structure a charity to achieve its long term goals.

Systems and control

As the number of charities increases, so does the scrutiny by interested parties like the general public, donors, and governments. Responsible and careful charities want to minimise donor uncertainty and differentiate themselves by sending signals that try to convey being purpose-led and being effective. This is where having systems to control, measure, evaluate and improve processes are ever so important.

Accounting and taxation

The financial reports tells the story about what a charity does, the resources used in doing it, and how well positioned it is to continue doing it. We are experienced in assisting charities in identifying the appropriate accounting reporting Tiers and standards for financial reporting to satisfy any obligations under the Charities Act 2005.

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